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Q. What are rare stamps worth?
A. What someone is willing to pay...

Introduction to Elite Stamps

Here at, we keep our users updated on the current live auctions for top quality philatelic material. In addition to single stamps, this includes items of postal history and even those elusive errors. We highlight what we believe are interesting opportunities and leave the rest up to you.

Investing in top quality rare stamps is perhaps a less obvious asset to own compared to classic cars, gold, fine jewellery or even works of art. Some will say postage stamps don't have the wow factor to impress friends, however, they really should appeal to those who take a more studious approach to the assets they acquire. The marketplace for fine stamps remains largely outside the influence of hype peddlers and short-term world events rarely have much effect on their values.

Why Consider Buying Rare Stamps?

Tangible, very portable, finite assets like rare stamps can provide owners with the benefit of investment portfolio diversification.

Rare stamps are largely uncorrelated with other mainstream assets and can prove a stable investment that is less exposed to volatility.

Finite assets such as rare stamps are always sought by affluent collectors and demand for them has risen around the world as the emerging economies have produced more personal wealth. This demand has historically kept the value of top quality stamps on an upward trend.

Historical Performance of Fine Stamps

Stanley Gibbons PLC, based in London, manage a selection of the most traded 250 Great Britain stamps to create their GB250 Index available to monitor on Bloomberg Professional (STGIGB25 Index). This GB250 index has, as we write, never fallen. The index has shown compound growth of 11.96% annually for the past 12 years. Impressive, given what the major world economies have experienced in that same period.

The GB250 Index only extends back twelve years, however, an alternative to consider is the GB30 Rarities Index (STGIGB30) also available on Bloomberg Professional. This metric has shown compound annual growth of more than 10% annually over the past 40 years. It is important to understand that the past performance of an investment does not guarantee what will happen in the future.

Rather than labour these points any further, the best option is to browse the live auctions now underway via the menu. You can then view the current live bidding for rare worldwide stamps or those from specific countries.